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We love a good wedding!

The main reason Hiding in the City Flowers was created was so that we could create wedding flowers that felt less contrived but still incredibly luxurious. Our vision is to create bespoke, modern yet elegant flowers.


We create natural, organic designs which cater for romantic country estates as well as industrial warehouse weddings. We strive to reflect the personality and boldness of our style-conscious and forward-thinking couples.

Every couple is embarking on planning their amazing wedding celebration and we want to be there to help create a feel and look that suits their personality using flowers that aren’t strangled into tight white domes. Don’t be afraid that you may not have no clue what flower names are, or when they’re in season, that’s what we’re here for.


Absolutely stunning!
The flowers were one of my favorite things about the whole day.
— Kim Lacy

 Our wedding Designs