in sarah’s words

Sarah - Hiding in the City Flowers

I started Hiding in the City Flowers back in 2013 after changing career and starting at the bottom, working for other top London florists. It was hard work and they were all very talented, but after some time I realised that there was room to create modern but beautiful, luxe flowers for weddings and events celebrating nature that were a little more bespoke. I wanted to produce flower arrangements and installations that felt less corporate and stereotypical, and would appeal to those who wanted something more than domed roses for their events.

I am always in awe of what nature produces at every point in the season and there is always a new colour, or variety of flower or plant that means I don’t get bored designing year on year. I started small, but since then, Hiding in the City Flowers has grown to the point where I find myself working for big brands and productions and I am fiercely proud of what the company has achieved and the reputation that I have worked to maintain. I no longer work by myself but instead I get to employ some amazing other florists who share the same vision, passion and naturalistic floral aesthetic whether it be statement tropical palm installations or beautiful asymmetric British seasonal bouquets.

Keeping up with floral and drawing inspiration from interior and fashion trends is all part of the fun – we have a blog where you can find out more on a monthly basis of what we have been up to.