Christmas wings to make you fly...

Suzanne Neville Flowers

…and a dress to die (for). Yep, Hiding in the City Flowers were lucky enough to florally dress the window at Suzanne Neville’s Knightsbridge bridal shop for their Christmas display AND they gave us free reign creatively to produce the design. A total dream of a job. Apart from the sleepless nights worrying about how we’d make our angel wings fly. The designs are always the easy bit, it’s the ‘how to’ mechanics after that which provoke most of our chat at Hiding HQ.

The inspiration came from a dress that we had been blown away by at BRIDES the Show in 2016. It is called the ‘Rembrandt’ and from the moment we saw it, it was love. So, we designed the window based around silvers, and greens and grey toned foliage’s to sit against the cool blue dress. That was until we saw one of the new designs called ‘Vienna’.

Game changer. Our angel was born, in a beautiful brocade gown.

Its gold and cream tones conjured up ideas of a more neutral window with pops of rich colour scattered through the back of the wings by using seasonal mottled hydrangeas and deep burgundy roses that, as they aged, would melt into the russet palette.

It was hard trying to convey this to the ladies at Susanne Neville, because we couldn’t find an image of anything similar online. Every time we typed in ‘floral angel wings’, images of something from sleepy hollows turned up, not quite what we were trying to pitch. But they trusted us, and let us do it. We used all natural grasses, to create the angel wings because we wanted soft flowing ‘feathers’. Unlike our normal designs we decided to add some sparkle. If you had ever asked our stance on spraying flowers 1 week ago, I would have screamed ‘NEVER!’ But, its Christmas, and we wanted our branches to be festive, and having just came out the back of spraying 90 palm leaves golden, we have now fallen from our high horse.

Suzanne Neville Christmas Window Display Flowers