A little bit of advice...


If you’re considering doing your own wedding flowers.

Now, we’re all for people getting creative and we often get couples coming to us here at Hiding in the City HQ who want to be a little more hands on with the flowers on their day. We offer them advice about what we realistically think people should take on.

Lots of magazines and publications have articles about ‘how to cut your budget’ or ‘do your own wedding flowers’ but what they don’t tell you is that it is a last minute, early start, dirty hands, ruined nails, job – all the day before you want to look the prettiest you have ever looked. For each wedding we undertake we go to market at 4am to make sure your blooms are the best; be prepared to do this if you want the best. We’ve heard of a bride saying she went at 7am on a Friday and there was nothing left and she hadn’t ordered. They ended up all of a flutter as their plans had evaporated and ended up having to buy the flowers from a florist anyway.

Now, this isn’t meant to be discouraging, many people are very creative and can pull together arrangements, but before you go knees deep, do your research on and realistically think about;

  • what you’re trying to achieve? Jam jars, we say go for it. Central oasis displays? Well, you’ll probably need a lesson beforehand.

  • how to care and prepare the flowers you chose. How far in advance do you need to buy them to open fully/not over open. Do you know how to condition them?

  • where are you going to store them all before and after you have made them? In the summer they need to be cool and not in direct sunlight.

  • how are you going to use them? You should find out if they will live for as long as you need them to in and out of water. i.e astrantia in a bouquet will wilt by the end of the day, but in a vase, they’ll still look stunning.

  • who are you going to buy them from and do you need to pre order?

  • how long will each arrangement take to make and how many are you going to do. You might need to enrol a few people. If you have 50 jam jars to make, it could take you a while.

Take a look at these pics on ‘You and Your Wedding’ magazine of some pretty epic fails.