Creeping Rose Garden Marquee Wedding

PART 100099: Charlotte Robs Creeping rose Garden.
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When a bride comes to you saying that they’ve been dreaming of their wedding day since they were a little girl, it does somewhat put the pressure on. We recently received a thank you card from the bride stating, “THANK YOU for delivering the most epic flowers of my dreams”, so luckily it appears we did the job!


After almost a year in the planning, countless coffee catchups and several mood boards later we created, for our beautiful bride, her fairy tale wedding!


It all started with a marquee. Charlotte is lucky to have a stunning family home with extensive grounds and beautiful scenic backdrops including, a lake, formal gardens and even their very own on-site chapel! Her father had re-planted most of the formal gardens to her favourite colour scheme a year before the big day, never underestimate a father’s love! A scrumptious array of pinks and purple and dusky coloured foliage. So, we had our venue, and we had our colour scheme.


Charlotte came to us wanting a romantic fairy tale wedding but with a modern twist. We spoke endlessly about ideas to dress the marquee but finally decided on the most romantic idea of all….climbing rose bushes! We needed something WOW to absorb the vast white space and we wanted to do something a little different to the standard garland installation.


We started the construction of the rose bushes days before the wedding. Working with Ben from Joseph Benjamin Marquees was an absolute dream and we had the base of the bushes up all in a day. It was staring to look epic already! The next few days were filling the branches out with green strong foliage, as it was going to be out of water for a few days. We ended up going with bay leaves which were one of the only strong green leaves around at that time in May when many of the trees are still young shoots after winter. They were very linear which was a little design issue but they also left the marquee with a beautiful scent. On the day before the wedding we had a huge group of girls adding fresh roses into the bushes in clusters trailing along the top of the marquee. Note to self, would have helped to have more ladders, but you learn these things! Ladder work is tiring work and our girls did amazingly working almost flat out all day to get the roses in.


On the other side of the wedding we had the church to decorate. With tonnes of ancient character already we wanted soft wild-flower decoration to keep the overall look rustic and ultimately beautiful. We used real wooden plinths and old stone urns with a mass of roses and rose hip foliage to create a natural asymmetric arch for the entrance. It felt like we were decorating some building out of Snow White. Inside the church we decorated with foliage to create the feel of an overgrown abandoned chapel, with cascading foliage and white floral pew ends leading to the alter. The mother of the bride wanted something pretty to look at (apart from her stunning daughter) for the ceremony. So, we created wildflower meadows that crept up the wooden altar (chair rows??).

With so much going on throughout the day and not a completely limitless budget, we recommended repurposing some on the church flowers for the rest of the day. The urns were of course brought over by our strong freelancers, luckily it was only a stones’ throw away! The pew ends were taken apart and scattered across the long trestle tables and a loose laid foliage runner. A fairy tale wouldn’t be complete with some romantic candlelight. It was one of the first things we agreed on having in the dining tables, long tapered light pink and cream candlesticks from our favourite supplier, Bloomster Design out in Surrey. These twinkled throughout the night adding elegance and a soft glow, leaving us wondering how many romantic encountered were had that night.

The other design element we had decided early on was using cut glass for our vessel options. Easy in theory however, nearer to the big day trying to source the vast number of vases from multiple sources became one of the hardest elements of the whole event! I think we ended up having around 5 different collections from prop houses and florists across London. This also made for an exciting post wedding sort out job for myself dividing the collections out to their original owners!

Even though we had the branches going on above, we still recommended having tall floral arrangements on some of the tables to help absorb some of the height in the marquee, and on reflection, it needed it! A mass of roses on a gold frame, really added that wow factor at the mid height in the room.


The couple really separated the marquee well with distinctive areas which can help minimise the rectangular block shape of a marquee. Most of the space was taken up by the tables and at the back to the room they had a bar and disco area. Very clever idea to have the bar right next to the dance floor as a mild encouragement to get up and moving! One of the last things the bride and mother wanted to add was decoration around the bar area and we think it was one of the best decisions as it really made that area stand out as a place to be! The bar was hired by Joseph Benjamin Marquees and they offer a hire of an overhanging hoop which they hoist up above the bar with Eddison light bulbs hanging down (very on trend this year). We decorated this with matching florals and foliage in an asymmetric design, steering it away from a traditional garland hoop.  There was amazing cooperation here from the bar team, who were trying to set up their bar with all their finest glasses as we were chopping away creating mess just around the corner! I hope no one ended up with any stems in their cocktails!


Charlotte and Rob steeping out of the Church on their family home grounds in Essex.

Charlotte and Rob steeping out of the Church on their family home grounds in Essex.


On the day of the wedding the heavens opened but the party were ready with white chic umbrellas. A proper English May wedding! The party headed over to the church and waited for the bride covered in a traditional veil holding a cascading bridal bouquet using jasmine and beautiful garden roses. They had a gospel choir for some upbeat joyous wedding hymns after the said their vows. We stayed on site the whole day to repurpose the church flowers into the reception as the party had their first celebratory glass of champers! After we added the finishing touches and lit the candles we headed out of the marquee and the rest is history! Looking back at the photos it looked like they all had a ball!

The family arranged a brunch the following day, so we were back the next day rejigging and rose petal plucking for take two of the fairy tale. It was lovely to see the flowers in a different light rather than the setting sun the day before. Roses are one of the best flowers for endurance as they are so strong compared to peony’s or dahlia, other popular wedding florals.  Nothing better to cure the night before than a big English breakie, and if you can handle it, a glass of Mimosa!

We recently got back all the pictures and we were so happy with the photos. The photographer really got the style and feel of the wedding and made the photos look truly magical. We’re very happy to share these photos with you all and share our story of how we got there! We wish Charlotte and Rob a wonderful marriage equally as romantic and magical as their wedding day and we were so proud to be apart of it! Mega Thanks Guys