The most romantic day of the year... Kind of


Now, Christmas and New Year celebrations are behind us what’s the next thing we can look forward to in these dark, long January days? Valentines day of course. Of course! (Please don’t groan)

So, we’re not the most traditional florists but we’re still interested in the historic meanings of flowers. Back in the day, the meaning of flowers played a big ol’ part in the dating scene. Admirers would send bouquets and posies made of specific colours and varieties to woe their gal dem.

Red roses scream tradition but did you know they also mean “R.E.S.P.E.C.T”, “a romantic love” and “beauty”. Nice complements to receive I reckon. But, not a lot of imagination so make sure your bouquet has a bit of personality too and get some other fun flowers added. We created the ‘Bright and Romantic’ bouquet that we designed using textured red roses but with pops of bright blue delphinium.

Bright and Romantic Bouquet

Bright and romantic

Wanna say it’s ‘true love’? Use white roses. They also mean innocence (of course), purity (not surprising) but also youthfulness and humility.

Pink roses mean ‘Thank you’. Perfect if you are one half of a couple that cannot believe their luck landing a partner like you… who is clearly out of their league. Pink also means grace, admiration, gentleness and appreciation.

Not everyone is in a couple, and to be frank, if you’re not, Valentines Day can be a bit of a slap in the face day. We have some wonderful customers that send bouquets to their bezzies to let them know that they’re bloody great too. Yellow roses mean friendship, joy and new beginnings. Hiding in the City love yellow flowers, what nice sentiments! We made the ‘But it’s cold outside’ bouquet that is mainly yellow and filled with textured blooms that will arrive with a punch.

But it's cold outside bouquet

But it’s cold outside

Peach = intimacy.

Orange and Coral = send if you’re passionate about you’re partner or cos you like your flowers bright.

Take it even further, start combining colours and take the meaning to a whole new level, or just chose colours you like and the receiver should be grateful they ruddy got a bunch in the first place. Flowers aren’t cheap like!