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March madness, bringing the outside in

This month at Hiding in the City Flowers we’ve been busy little flower ladeez and as the gaffa the buck stops with me and the little ‘stress vain’ in the back of my neck has had a few moments when it let itself been known. It throbbed when,

  • the Luton van we need to carry all our precious cargo broke down on the motorway going to set the event.
  • I had to watch the van go up onto a tow truck at a ridiculous angle with all our glassware and gorgeous plants and foliage and flowers inside.
  • I ‘bumped’ said Luton van into another of the Luton vans in the carpark outside our warehouse in the yard. Can’t blame anyone but me. The driving moron apparently.
  • the garage called saying how much the damage was. Eeeks! (I’m still wincing at it as I write now)

I swear, arranging the flowers is the easy bit. Kind of. (they’re not)

At the beginning of the March we were contracted to produce the event flowers for L’Oreal’s new haircare brand ‘Botanicals’. The products are formulated from 4 natural floral ingredients with no nasties, so we couldn’t wait to get involved as its ethos is right up our street.

The press event was held at THE most tranquil of settings at THYME hotel in the Cotswolds and the brief was great, ‘here are the rooms Sarah, we’d like to include the ingredients of the product, keep it natural, we want to include scientific elements, what do you think?’

So, in our signature style we decided draw from the amazing natural settings with rambling creeping hedgerows and we decided to use foliage (of course) and go big and wild and create a 10 meter long, overhead, seasonal, hanging foliage installation, complete with a Botanicals product installation, and a breathing yoga room for the guests to use and relax in. In all of our looks we tried to bring the outside in. It was fast track planning as we had 2 weeks to turn the whole thing around and it took over 150 man hours on site to install and de-rig. Take a look at some of the shots from the evening and from the bloggers who attended. (and I have stalked ever since).

sarah_blog_1 Sarah_blog2 sarah_blog3

sarah_blog5 sarah_blog6


Late summer grasses and flower girl headbands

Late summer has been jam packed with stunning weddings and the weather has really made them show off – what an incredible August we’ve had! The Hiding team have done some church weddings and gorgeous medieval venues and even a few weddings out and about in the countryside in the South West.

Inspired by late summer wildflowers and grasses, ivy and recreating winter wreaths in a fresh simple summer look we did a wedding near Swindon in August. Here are some images – check out the totally sweeeeeet headband we made for a flower girl.

Flower girl headband