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Floral Hair Wear – Gone are the massive flower crowns

Hiding in the City Flowers displayed at BRIDES The Show to tempt lovely couples to think outside the box when it comes to their day. As part of the show BRIDES offer free talks and demonstrations from some of the exhibitors in the #imaginationroom. This year, they asked us to take part. Which was nice.

We probably took a little too long to decide what we wanted to do in our 40 minute slot, but mainly because we didn’t want to churn out the same old stuff. Hair flowers can be beautiful, and we have made our fair share of oversized head garlands in our time, but we didn’t want to keep replicating this look. So, we held a session where we aimed to walk through how to use flowers in the hair (fine)…but in a modern way (ok) …that bridesmaids could all do themselves on the morning (money saving). So (hopefully) without the help of a hairdresser on the day you could get a really modern look that’s bespoke to you for not a lot of cash.

We went about this by teaching each of the ladies how to wire hair flowers and 3 key floral hair looks that we think are en trend at the moment for both a city or big country wedding.

Our lovely friend Elanor Traves, who just happens to be an amazing wedding hairdresser, came along and demonstrated how to create the 3 key looks yourselves at home, or in a hotel room. It went down a storm and the words ‘that trick just changed my life’ actually came out of one of the girls mouths as Elanor demonstrated Fishplaits, modern knots, and glossy glam waves.

Take a look at some of the pics.


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