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Five things to think about when planning flowers for your wedding

We know that you already have a lot to think about and we hope it’s fun imagining celebrating with your family and friends. To help you cover all the bases, here are five handy tips to think about when planning the flowers for your wedding.

  1. Your  style – for some reason, when people think about planning their day they forget what they actually like and what reflects them as a couple. Collect images of bouquets and floral arrangements you like AND those you don’t like. They don’t have to be wedding flowers at all. In fact sometimes it is nicer if they’re not! Some of our brides pull together a pinterest board to start with and others just attach the pictures to an email.

2. The Ceremony – are you having a civil ceremony or will it be in your place of worship? Most ceremonies are only up to an hour, so it makes sense to ensure that we design arrangements that can be moved to the reception venue.  Why would you want to spend money on decorations for just an hour, right? Think about BIG oversized urns to create a focal point to get married in front of rather than the more traditional arch: urns can be moved but the arch can’t.

3. Venue Tables – this is where we see a lot of the budget eaten up. Think about how many tables you will have. How many guests they will sit? Long tables, or round? How big is the room? Do you want tables to have high arrangements for impact- we can design these so they don’t interfere with conversation across the tables. Are you having food served on sharing platters? These are all aspects of the design Hiding in the City Flowers can help with.

4. Venue Décor – what else are you planning on having to decorate the venue? Is it flowers alone? If that’s the case then you may need to spend more on your flower budget to make it impactful. Is the building steeped in history and decadent or is it an ultra cool warehouse that can pull off more contemporary designs?

5. Your Bridesmaids and Ushers – the number of bridesmaids bouquets and ushers button holes can really push a quote up. We often suggest foliage bouquets for the ladies, as they are stunning and don’t eat up lots of your hard earned cash!

Don’t know your dahlias from your daisies? Well, we don’t expect you to. You wouldn’t know how to make the perfect main course for 120 guests in a catering kitchen so feel assured that you are handing over the details to us. We aim to get inside your head and create your unique day.

If you’re trying to work out what kind of look you want, get in touch for a free chat about flowers with us.

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