30 March 2017

This month at Hiding in the City Flowers we’ve been busy little flower ladeez and as the gaffa the buck stops with me and the little ‘stress vain’ in the back of my neck has had a few moments when it let itself been known. It throbbed when,

  • the Luton van we need to carry all our precious cargo broke down on the motorway going to set the event.
  • I had to watch the van go up onto a tow truck at a ridiculous angle with all our glassware and gorgeous plants and foliage and flowers inside.
  • I ‘bumped’ said Luton van into another of the Luton vans in the carpark outside our warehouse in the yard. Can’t blame anyone but me. The driving moron apparently.
  • the garage called saying how much the damage was. Eeeks! (I’m still wincing at it as I write now)

I swear, arranging the flowers is the easy bit. Kind of. (they’re not)

At the beginning of the March we were contracted to produce the event flowers for L’Oreal’s new haircare brand ‘Botanicals’. The products are formulated from 4 natural floral ingredients with no nasties, so we couldn’t wait to get involved as its ethos is right up our street.

The press event was held at THE most tranquil of settings at THYME hotel in the Cotswolds and the brief was great, ‘here are the rooms Sarah, we’d like to include the ingredients of the product, keep it natural, we want to include scientific elements, what do you think?’

So, in our signature style we decided draw from the amazing natural settings with rambling creeping hedgerows and we decided to use foliage (of course) and go big and wild and create a 10 meter long, overhead, seasonal, hanging foliage installation, complete with a Botanicals product installation, and a breathing yoga room for the guests to use and relax in. In all of our looks we tried to bring the outside in. It was fast track planning as we had 2 weeks to turn the whole thing around and it took over 150 man hours on site to install and de-rig. Take a look at some of the shots from the evening and from the bloggers who attended. (and I have stalked ever since).

sarah_blog_1 Sarah_blog2 sarah_blog3

sarah_blog5 sarah_blog6


13 January 2017

Now, Christmas and New Year celebrations are behind us what’s the next thing we can look forward to in these dark, long January days? Valentines day of course. Of course! (Please don’t groan)

So, we’re not the most traditional florists but we’re still interested in the historic meanings of flowers. Back in the day, the meaning of flowers played a big ol’ part in the dating scene. Admirers would send bouquets and posies made of specific colours and varieties to woe their gal dem.

Red roses scream tradition but did you know they also mean “R.E.S.P.E.C.T”, “a romantic love” and “beauty”. Nice complements to receive I reckon. But, not a lot of imagination so make sure your bouquet has a bit of personality too and get some other fun flowers added. We created the ‘Bright and Romantic’ bouquet that we designed using textured red roses but with pops of bright blue delphinium.

Bright and romantic

Bright and romantic

Wanna say it’s ‘true love’? Use white roses. They also mean innocence (of course), purity (not surprising) but also youthfulness and humility.

Pink roses mean ‘Thank you’. Perfect if you are one half of a couple that cannot believe their luck landing a partner like you… who is clearly out of their league. Pink also means grace, admiration, gentleness and appreciation.

Not everyone is in a couple, and to be frank, if you’re not, Valentines Day can be a bit of a slap in the face day. We have some wonderful customers that send bouquets to their bezzies to let them know that they’re bloody great too. Yellow roses mean friendship, joy and new beginnings. Hiding in the City love yellow flowers, what nice sentiments! We made the ‘But it’s cold outside’ bouquet that is mainly yellow and filled with textured blooms that will arrive with a punch.

But it's cold outside

But it’s cold outside

Peach = intimacy.

Orange and Coral = send if you’re passionate about you’re partner or cos you like your flowers bright.

Take it even further, start combining colours and take the meaning to a whole new level, or just chose colours you like and the receiver should be grateful they ruddy got a bunch in the first place. Flowers aren’t cheap like!


15 December 2016

Now, we’re all for people getting creative and we often get couples coming to us here at Hiding in the City HQ who want to be a little more hands on with the flowers on their day. We offer them advice about what we realistically think people should take on.

Lots of magazines and publications have articles about ‘how to cut your budget’ or ‘do your own wedding flowers’ but what they don’t tell you is that it is a last minute, early start, dirty hands, ruined nails, job – all the day before you want to look the prettiest you have ever looked. For each wedding we undertake we go to market at 4am to make sure your blooms are the best; be prepared to do this if you want the best. We’ve heard of a bride saying she went at 7am on a Friday and there was nothing left and she hadn’t ordered. They ended up all of a flutter as their plans had evaporated and ended up having to buy the flowers from a florist anyway.

Now, this isn’t meant to be discouraging, many people are very creative and can pull together arrangements, but before you go knees deep, do your research on and realistically think about;

  • what you’re trying to achieve? Jam jars, we say go for it. Central oasis displays? Well, you’ll probably need a lesson beforehand.
  • how to care and prepare the flowers you chose. How far in advance do you need to buy them to open fully/not over open. Do you know how to condition them?
  • where are you going to store them all before and after you have made them? In the summer they need to be cool and not in direct sunlight.
  • how are you going to use them? You should find out if they will live for as long as you need them to in and out of water. i.e astrantia in a bouquet will wilt by the end of the day, but in a vase, they’ll still look stunning.
  • who are you going to buy them from and do you need to pre order?
  • how long will each arrangement take to make and how many are you going to do. You might need to enrol a few people. If you have 50 jam jars to make, it could take you a while.


Take a look at these pics on ‘You and Your Wedding’ magazine of some pretty epic fails.

24 November 2016

…and a dress to die (for). Yep, Hiding in the City Flowers were lucky enough to florally dress the window at Suzanne Neville’s Knightsbridge bridal shop for their Christmas display AND they gave us free reign creatively to produce the design. A total dream of a job. Apart from the sleepless nights worrying about how we’d make our angel wings fly. The designs are always the easy bit, it’s the ‘how to’ mechanics after that which provoke most of our chat at Hiding HQ.

The inspiration came from a dress that we had been blown away by at BRIDES the Show in 2016. It is called the ‘Rembrandt’ and from the moment we saw it, it was love. So, we designed the window based around silvers, and greens and grey toned foliage’s to sit against the cool blue dress. That was until we saw one of the new designs called ‘Vienna’.

Game changer. Our angel was born, in a beautiful brocade gown.

Its gold and cream tones conjured up ideas of a more neutral window with pops of rich colour scattered through the back of the wings by using seasonal mottled hydrangeas and deep burgundy roses that, as they aged, would melt into the russet palette.

It was hard trying to convey this to the ladies at Susanne Neville, because we couldn’t find an image of anything similar online. Every time we typed in ‘floral angel wings’, images of something from sleepy hollows turned up, not quite what we were trying to pitch. But they trusted us, and let us do it. We used all natural grasses, to create the angel wings because we wanted soft flowing ‘feathers’. Unlike our normal designs we decided to add some sparkle. If you had ever asked our stance on spraying flowers 1 week ago, I would have screamed ‘NEVER!’ But, its Christmas, and we wanted our branches to be festive, and having just came out the back of spraying 90 palm leaves golden, we have now fallen from our high horse.

 Suzanne Neville and Hiding in the City Flowers

Suzanne Neville Christmas Window


2 November 2016

We know that you already have a lot to think about and we hope it’s fun imagining celebrating with your family and friends. To help you cover all the bases, here are five handy tips to think about when planning the flowers for your wedding.

  1. Your  style – for some reason, when people think about planning their day they forget what they actually like and what reflects them as a couple. Collect images of bouquets and floral arrangements you like AND those you don’t like. They don’t have to be wedding flowers at all. In fact sometimes it is nicer if they’re not! Some of our brides pull together a pinterest board to start with and others just attach the pictures to an email.

2. The Ceremony – are you having a civil ceremony or will it be in your place of worship? Most ceremonies are only up to an hour, so it makes sense to ensure that we design arrangements that can be moved to the reception venue.  Why would you want to spend money on decorations for just an hour, right? Think about BIG oversized urns to create a focal point to get married in front of rather than the more traditional arch: urns can be moved but the arch can’t.

3. Venue Tables – this is where we see a lot of the budget eaten up. Think about how many tables you will have. How many guests they will sit? Long tables, or round? How big is the room? Do you want tables to have high arrangements for impact- we can design these so they don’t interfere with conversation across the tables. Are you having food served on sharing platters? These are all aspects of the design Hiding in the City Flowers can help with.

4. Venue Décor – what else are you planning on having to decorate the venue? Is it flowers alone? If that’s the case then you may need to spend more on your flower budget to make it impactful. Is the building steeped in history and decadent or is it an ultra cool warehouse that can pull off more contemporary designs?

5. Your Bridesmaids and Ushers – the number of bridesmaids bouquets and ushers button holes can really push a quote up. We often suggest foliage bouquets for the ladies, as they are stunning and don’t eat up lots of your hard earned cash!

Don’t know your dahlias from your daisies? Well, we don’t expect you to. You wouldn’t know how to make the perfect main course for 120 guests in a catering kitchen so feel assured that you are handing over the details to us. We aim to get inside your head and create your unique day.

If you’re trying to work out what kind of look you want, get in touch for a free chat about flowers with us.

bridesmaid bouquet

Bridal bouquet